Previous versions

We are happy to inform you that all previous versions of Quranflash are still accessible. All links are below, in addition to the version differences.

Quranflash V1

The first version of Quranflash released in early 2007, displays simple pages of the Quran (Medina layout) and links to the different chapters and juz. It is also available in English from here

Quranflash V2

The second version of Quranflash released in late 2007, has the following features:

  • Increasing the page sizes to make reading easier
  • Rescanning pages of the Quran more precisely to include side information such as page and chapter numbering, as well as chapter names
  • Ability to magnify an area of the page using the magnifying glass
  • Ability to bookmark up to 8 pages from each book
  • Option to select between different books (such as Quran with tajweed, interpretations, etc)
  • Ability to control the pages' quality and hence downloading speed
  • Ability to change the background image to suit the reader
  • Ability to jump to the supplication page of the Quran
  • Ability to close each book
  • Ability to navigate the Quran using the directional buttons of the keyboard

Quranflash V3

The current version of Quranflash, with the following additional features:

  • Select and interact with verses, through highlighting, bookmarking, audio listening, copying, etc.
  • Verse tafseer (interpretations), translations, and transliteration, per verse
  • Bookmarking coupled with facebook account or local machine
  • More Quran books and better quality pages
  • Page-synchronized voice recitation, with memorization helper tools
  • Smart zoom function
  • More elegant and expandable interface, utilizing full screen size
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